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What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a scheme which allows you to give a tax-free charitable donation to charity through your salary.

Why consider Payroll Giving?

In order to make lives better for children with cancer, we depend on a reliable, regular income. That’s why a regular donation through your salary is one of the best ways for you to help us.

Payroll Giving is not only a quick and simple way for you to support us, but it is also tax effective as donations are deducted before you pay tax.

This means that if you are a standard rate tax payer, then a Payroll Giving donation of £10 a month would only cost you £8 from your net pay.



What are the benefits for an employer?

Improving staff morale

Focusing on Corporate social responsibility has been proven to promote a positive feeling among staff. Payroll Giving is a fantastic way to show your support for causes that your staff care about.

Hassle-free giving

It’s easy to set up and manage with minimal admin!

What happens if I change job?

If you change job to a new company then your Payroll Giving will stop automatically.

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