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Evan and Luca Humble, aged 13 are fraternal twins. They’ve taken on our 101 Challenge and walked or cycled well over an initial 101 mile target to raise money, inspired by their friend who was diagnosed with childhood cancer. They even raised more than double the £101 target!

101 Challenge


In 2020, 101 children and young people were diagnosed with cancer in the North East and Cumbria. It is a similar number of children each year. That’s why we ask our supporters to pledge to raise £101, that’s £1 represented for approximately every child diagnosed in our region.

Supporters can choose whatever challenge they fancy, whether it’s baking 101 cupcakes, running, walking, cycling or swimming 101km or miles. They can set up a JustGiving page through us, and of course we will provide our supporters with fundraising materials.

Evan and Luca’s 101 Challenge


It was amazing to see that Evan and Luca were so dedicated in completing their challenge, with their efforts put in after hearing about their friend’s diagnosis, they were inspired to help other children with cancer. Here’s what they had to say about their challenge:

“We decided to fundraise because one of our very good friends was diagnosed with childhood cancer. We found out about him when we were in a Covid-19 lockdown from school. He texted us on a WhatsApp group chat telling us. Several members of our family have been diagnosed with cancer, but never someone our own age. It really frightened us both. We kept in touch with him during the lockdown and even after we went back to school, we weren’t allowed to see him due to Covid-19. We decided that we wanted to do something to help other children who are going through what our friend is going through. We haven’t told him about our fundraising, just as we didn’t want to put the spotlight on him if he didn’t want it.

“We walked or cycled 101 miles during October last year. We only actually managed a couple of bike rides as the weather was pretty wet at times, so most of our miles were covered on foot with our dog, Heidi. We love walking, so extended the challenge to more than 101 miles and it went on right up until the end of December last year. Our mum and sometimes dad came along on our walks as well as our Labrador, Heidi.”

Thank you!


Congratulations and thank you to young Evan and Luca for completing their challenge and raising money to help make life better for children with cancer. Not only did they complete well over 101 miles, but they broke their £101 fundraising target, having raised £207. They told us that they are planning on doing another fundraising challenge in the near future, so watch this space!

If you would like to donate towards Evan and Luca’s 101 Challenge, you can do so here; or fancy doing your own 101 Challenge – full info here

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