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As for almost every charity, COVID has resulted in significant loss of annual income – 65 – 70% drop in our case. This has forced us to think about fundraising in new ways. With our very first virtual event, The Climb, now launched, here’s a look at what you can expect from the mobile app being developed to accompany it.

It all started on WhatsApp…

The idea for the event started with a NECCR team WhatsApp message mid June 2020 from Fundraising Manager Janet, with “Ive been up since 4:30am thinking about this”. She went on to explain her idea for a virtual climb and the team very quickly rallied around to form the basics of the virtual event.

When we started to think more in-depth about the technicalities of running a virtual climb event, we realised that we would need to give people an easy way to be able to monitor their activity. Whilst we have developed a manual log we also wanted to use this as an opportunity to explore digital possibilities that would enhance the experience of the virtual challenge for participants in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Innovative thinking and quick action was key…

We got in touch with digital innovation specialists Qrious who agreed to volunteer their time to help us turn our idea into a reality. This has meant 12 weeks of rapid development from the initial idea to looking at how it will work technically and functionally, to how it will look aesthetically, and ultimately how it will be used to make the challenge more engaging and fun.

Not a small undertaking, thank you Qrious!

With the aim for the event to take place throughout the month of October, we’re now approaching the final stages of bringing the app to life…

Developing The Climb app

COVID has meant a 65 - 70% drop in annual income for NECCR, which has forced us to think about fundraising in new ways

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