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September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month across the world, and thanks to Children’s Cancer North-supporter Karen Mccaffrey, some of the region’s most iconic landmarks will be illuminated gold – the official colour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – to raise awareness of childhood cancer in the North East and Cumbria.

The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead will be lit gold from Thursday 21 to Wednesday 27 September. And some of Sunderland’s most well known landmarks, including Penshaw Monument, Northern Spire Bridge, and Hylton Castle, will be glowing gold every night from Monday 04 to Saturday 09 September.

Karen was inspired to raise awareness of childhood cancer after her own daughter, Beth, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in 2011 aged just four years old.

Children’s Cancer North-supporter, Karen Mccaffrey, said:

“There are still a lot of people, including health professionals, that struggle to recognise the symptoms of cancer in children. I want parents, carers, and families to know what to look out for, and have the confidence to speak to their GP about their concerns.

“Childhood cancer is something that isn’t often talked about, and that’s precisely why I’ve arranged for landmarks across the region to be lit in the official colour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The odds of children and young people being diagnosed with cancer are the same as being diagnosed with meningitis, yet we’re much more aware of the symptoms of that illness.

“We should talk about childhood cancer in the same open and transparent way we do about breast cancer or testicular cancer. It’s important people know the symptoms and how to spot them.”

Karen has partnered with Children’s Cancer North to encourage more people across the North East and Cumbria to fundraise and donate money to our charity, so we can continue to make life better for children with cancer.

Chris Peacock, Chairman of Children’s Cancer North, said:

“More than 100 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in the North East and Cumbria every year. Around 80 go on to make a full recovery; sadly around 20 children and young people die from the disease every year.

“As a direct result of the fundraising and donations we receive from members of the public and local businesses, we’re able to invest in revolutionary research to help ensure that one day, no child dies from cancer. We also provide support to children and families going through cancer treatment in the form of events and activities on the wards, a cost of living payment to help families get through those first stressful days and weeks after their child is diagnosed, social outings for teenagers, and much, much more.

“If anyone wants to support Children’s Cancer Awareness Month this September, please donate to Children’s Cancer North. Your money will make a difference to the hundreds of families affected by the disease in our region every year, and help raise awareness of the impact of childhood cancer on children and young people.”

If you’d like to donate to Children’s Cancer North during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (throughout September), please visit the donate section of our website. No amount is too small, and every penny makes a difference. Thank you.

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