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The 2010 North East Children’s Cancer Run has smashed last year’s fundraising amount by an astonishing £15,000, bringing the grand total raised to £215,000, which was presented to the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund (NECCR) last week.

The 28th Greggs Children’s Cancer Run saw over 1,500 more runners turn up for the UK’s biggest fun run than the previous year. The some 10,000 mothers, daughters, aunts and grandfather’s all helped raise over £215,000 which will go directly towards funding for the NECCR, which works to find the causes of childhood cancer and developing new treatments.

David Wood, Chairman of the NECCR commented, “I send my heartfelt thanks to every single person who took part in the race in May and helped raised money for the NECCR, it truly is the greatest North Run.”

Professor Josef Vormoor, Sir James Spence Chair of Child Health at the RVI commented “Only 30 years ago we saw horrific mortality rates among young cancer sufferers where 70 to 80% of those children diagnosed died. Thankfully due to advances in both research and drug therapy those percentages have dropped and the survival rate is now 70% on average. This change can be linked to some amazing achievements throughout the scientific community which would not be possible without consistent levels of funding.”

The Gregg’s Children’s Cancer Run began in 1983, when 100 students from King’s School in Newcastle took part in the race to raise money for treatment for fellow student, Chris Peacock. Chris was diagnosed with diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys when he was four years old, and was given just a 30% chance of survival. Chris, now 36, is chairman of the race committee, and a proud father of two girls.

Chris said, “I’m pleased to announce that the date for the next run, which will take place on Sunday the 8th May 2011. I look forward to seeing everyone there, and hopefully we can beat our record again.”

Richard Hutton, Finance Director at Greggs spoke of the company’s belief in the run, “Greggs plc was proud to support the 2010 Children’s Cancer Run. The event is hugely popular amongst everyone in the North East and especially amongst Greggs people. The NECCR is an excellent cause and we are hugely grateful for the hard work of everyone involved in raising a tremendous total to help children in the North of England.”

The Children’s Cancer Run is a 5-mile cross country family fun run set up to raise money for the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund (NECCR), and is sponsored by Greggs.

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