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It is just nine months since Brunton First School in Newcastle Great Park opened and pupils are already in full swing, training for the Children’s Cancer Run which takes place this Sunday.

The school currently consists of just a reception and a mixed reception and year one class, but that hasn’t stopped four teachers, 17 parents and siblings, and 26 pupils, aged four to six, from putting on their running shoes and taking part in the mini-run in order to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Run which is taking place the 9th May at Gosforth Park.

Carolyn Young, Reception and Year One teacher at Brunton First commented, “I have taken part in the run for the five-mile run for the past two years and I always thoroughly enjoy it. I always notice the many schools taking part in both of the races, so I decided to enter some of my new pupils this year. The atmosphere on the day is fantastic, bringing schools, parents and communities together.

“The children are already in full swing with their training. We have set up a one-mile course within the grounds, which the children are practising running, jogging and walking around. We have stressed to them the importance of warming our bodies up before beginning a physical activity. We have also talked about having fun and just enjoying the day, although the children are keen to win the race and get their medal at the end. The mini run is ideal for younger children as they cant take part in a five-mile run, but they are still very much involved in the day.

“As a school, we are actively involved in community projects and fundraising, especially for charities such as the Children’s Cancer Run which raises money for children often the same age as our pupils.”

The Gregg’s Children’s Cancer Run raises money for the North of England Children’s Cancer Run (NECCR) at the RVI. The medical community throughout the world respects the work published by staff at this world-renowned facility.

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