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We are looking for patient and public involvement (PPI) representatives to support the design and delivery of our current study ‘Being active after childhood cancer’.

This study is being carried out by Newcastle University and the Great North Children’s Hospital. It is being funded by a UK cancer charity (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group) and is also supported by NECCR.

Young people who have had cancer as a child are often less physically active than young people who have not had cancer. In this study we are:

  • Speaking to childhood cancer survivors (currently aged 10-24 years) and their parents about their experiences and views of physical activity, including why these young people may struggle to keep active.
  • Involving childhood cancer survivors, their parents and their doctors and nurses in interactive ‘co-design’ workshops to discuss and develop ways in which we can encourage and support childhood cancer survivors to be more physically active.

We envisage that PPI reps will share their views on what we have done, what we plan to do and possibly contribute to interpreting the data collected by the study, or the design and delivery of the ‘co-design’ workshops. The PPI reps will be supported to contribute as much, or as little, as they would like, and to do so in a way in they feel most comfortable with. Involvement could be face-to-face, via telephone or email. PPI reps will also be invited to attend a steering group meeting (of which we expect there to be one on the morning of 2nd October 2019 and one in early 2020).

PPI reps will be reimbursed for travel expenses and their time (approximately £15 per hour). Ideally, representatives will have experienced cancer as a young person and should be aged 16 years and over.

If you would like further information about being involved as a PPI rep, please email Morven Brown at

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