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With it being our 39th Children’s Cancer Run in Newcastle in less than just two weeks, we’ve made a conscious effort to supply sustainable medals for our runners. Have a look at how our medals have evolved through the years and how you can get your hands on this year’s medal.

Our 39th Children’s Cancer Run!


Children’s Cancer Run Newcastle is around the corner, with it all happening in less than two weeks on Sunday, 15th May. Each year at the finish line, we award medals to the runners. Our medals have certainly evolved over the years in shape, design and material. Being eco-friendly and sustainable are factors that you told us mattered to you in our Run feedback; we listened and have made a conscious effort to have our medals made with sustainability at heart. This year, runners will be awarded medals made from a sustainable wooden birch material upon finishing their run! If you want one of these, here’s how to take part in our Run, with entries closing next week on Wednesday, 11th May, you can book your place here.

Made with sustainability in mind


Medal Studio supplied our medals last year and will be supplying our 2022 medals too! They told us a little more about how they manufacture their medals in an eco-friendly and sustainable way:

“We have supplied wooden medals for many years but have been striving to make them as friendly to the environment as possible. Our focus has been on how sustainable the timber resource is along with having as few miles travelled as possible for its processing.

“We now partner with a timber grower in Finland. The medals are made from birch which is very fast growing and stores a significant amount of carbon during its life cycle. The birch is grown and processed within the same area, which means no unnecessary transportation for processing. The growers plant more trees each year than they harvest, this not only makes the product sustainable but actually means the forests are growing rather that diminishing in size due to over harvesting. The birch is both FSC and PEFC certified too.

“Once the raw material is delivered to us, all other processing, cutting, printing, packing is done on one site here in Driffield, East Yorkshire. The medals are even then packaged in paper envelopes that can be recycled.

“While it is true, that wooden medals are undoubtably better for the environment than a cast metal medal from China. Not all wooden medals are the same. Many are made from timbers from the far east that are not from sustainable timber resources and have significant transport mileage added to them.”

Medals from over the years


Have a look here to see various medals given out over the years at Children’s Cancer Run! It’s great to see how our medals have evolved. We can’t wait to give you your birch medal, if you’re taking part in this year’s Run.

There’s still time to sign up


Not signed up yet and fancy grabbing yourself one of this year’s medals and getting to the finish line? You still have some time to sign up to Children’s Cancer Run. Online registration will end just before midnight on Wednesday, 11 May. Bring your friends and your family for a day of fun for all, there’ll be lots happening on site and the atmosphere will be buzzing with us expecting approximately 6,500 runners this year. Join in the fun and book before the closing date. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Make sure to share your pictures in action with us on the day on social media using #CCRun and don’t forget to tag us in too!

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