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The absence of our Children’s Cancer Run live events in Newcastle and Carlisle were definitely apparent for the charity during 2020. When we realised that the pandemic’s ongoing challenges meant that we wouldn’t be able to stage either of these events in early 2021, our Events Team got busy developing a version of the Children’s Cancer Run that could still be staged, despite Covid-19 restrictions on mass gatherings. With 58 schools signing up to participate in the hugely successful, first Children’s Cancer Run At School events, we were able to raise over £50,000. We’d like to thank all the schools and pupils that got so creative and took part.


The original idea…


The original idea behind the Children’s Cancer Run At School was created in mind for those schools who may not be able to take part in our main Children’s Cancer Run events at Newcastle and Carlisle, due to geographical distance to the event sites. The pandemic gave us the real opportunity to develop the idea further with the event still going ahead regardless, as all of the children and young people taking part were already at school on their chosen event day. We certainly don’t ever want to leave anybody out, so the Children’s Cancer Run At School is now a permanent event fixture in our fundraising calendar going forwards.

Our thanks to all who took part


Many schools encouraged their children and young people to get creative, passionate and find their competitive spirit to take part, all in aid of fun for the children whilst raising money for children with cancer. Abigail Hewison, Events Manager at Children’s Cancer North, wanted to give her special thanks to all who took part:

“It was really enlightening to see so many schools throughout the North East and Cumbria participate in our first Children’s Cancer Run At School event, and our team would like to thank all who got involved. We couldn’t have made it a success without you. This event allowed us to not only fill a fundraising gap which occurred due to the effects of Covid-19, but to bring some fun and positivity back to those staff and children who took part at a time when they needed it. This inaugural event supported by North Eastern and Cumbrian schools, along with event corporate supporters Greggs, Metro Radio and David Fairlamb Fitness, has been as much about the health and wellbeing of the children and young people who participated as it was about managing to raise a substantial amount for our charity. We look forward to welcoming more schools to take part in future.”


If your school would like to get involved with Children’s Cancer Run At School 2022, all the information on how is available here.

Children running for Children's Cancer Run at School
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