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Darlington youngster Annabelle Stephenson has decided to make an extra special donation this Christmas that will help other children in their time of need.

Annabelle has donated her long, flowing locks to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children that have lost their hair because of cancer treatment.

The nine-year-old plans to donate all the money she raises, which currently stands at more than £1,300, to a local research charity the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund, who help fund research in to finding a cure and better treatments for Children with Cancer.

Speaking before the Darlington youngster went to the hairdressers, she said: “Well my hair is quite long and I’m cutting it off for charity. Once it is cut off, me and mum will be sending it away to the Little Princess Trust so they can make it into a wig.

“I’m sending it off because I want to share my hair with some other girl who doesn’t have any hair and really needs it.”

Annabelle went to Chic Hair Studio in Sedgefield on Saturday to have her hair, which stretched halfway down her back, put into special braids before having it cut off.

Her proud mother, Lynsey said: “A couple of years ago my husband mentioned the charity and Annabelle has been looking it up on the internet and seeing other young girls do it and decided that it was something that she wanted to do herself.”

If you are interested in helping North of England Children’s Cancer Research to raise funds, you can find out how to get involved here.

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