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Current Appeal

In 2020, 101 children and young people were diagnosed with cancer in the North East and Cumbria. It is a similar number of children each year, and to mark that we’re bringing you the 101 challenge.

Pledge to raise £101, that’s £1 represented for approximately every child diagnosed in our region.

How do I get involved in the 101 Challenge?

1. Choose your challenge

You could bake 101 cupcakes for friends and family, do 101 good deeds or run 101 miles. Whatever challenge you choose we simply ask that you pledge to raise £101... £1 represented for approximately every child diagnosed in our region.

2. Create a 101 Challenge Justgiving page

By creating a 101 Challenge Justgiving page you can keep all of your donations or sponsorship in one place. The funds come direct to us and you can easily see how much you've raised or add any off-line donations.

Create my page now

3. Request your resource pack

We can provide you with a range of resources to make your fundraising easy. We have everything from t-shirts, running vests, pens, pencils, bunting, collection buckets and more. Contact the team to find out how we can help.

Contact the team

Or, donate directly to our appeal now ...

101 bells

We have sent 101 bells out across the North East and Cumbria – one to represent every child diagnosed with cancer in 2020.

If you find one of our bells please take a photo, share on your socials and help spread awareness… then re-hide (not too well!) for someone else to find.

Use the hashtags #cancerbell and #childhoodcancer and tag us. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The Bell – a poem written by Jenny Pearson

As part of the charity’s launch we were very proud and grateful to be able to share this very special poem that was written for us by the lovely Jenny Pearson – local published children’s author and teacher. Jenny did a workshop with some of the young people that have been through, or are currently undergoing treatment for, cancer at The Great North Children’s Hospital, and then wrote this poem to help us raise awareness of childhood cancer. We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to the families that helped with this project, and of course the young people who performed and helped to inspire Jenny.

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