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Get climbing to make life better for children with cancer

This is a challenge you can do at ANY TIME…. Please feel free to use our specially designed app to help keep you motivated!

  • Achieve your challenge indoors climbing the stairs or outdoors walking, running or even cycling.
  • With 6 challenges to choose from there is something to suit all ages and abilities.
  • Make use of our free brand new mobile app to measure your progress and keep motivated.
  • Sign up and see how high you can go!

2. Get Climbing

Whether it’s up and down your own stairs, or walking up and down real hills there’s something for everyone. For this challenge, we’re really excited to have worked in partnership with Digital Agency, Qrious who have helped us develop an app so that you can monitor your progress and get encouragement along the way. The app can be downloaded from app stores but you can also log your climbs manually if you’d prefer to.

Get Climbing

4. Share Your Achievements

As you progress through your challenges – and reach new heights – please share your achievements with us. We show you the view from the top for each milestone which you’ll be able to download and share with your friends and family online.

Share your challenges and adventures with us through your preferred social media platform. Remember to tag us and hashtag your post!

#ReachNewHeights #TheClimb

Share your achievements

I'm ready to take on a new challenge!

The Climb was our first ever virtual event and we’ve loved seeing your success stories

The Climb is our newest addition to our events portfolio. As we have been unable to hold our regular fundraising events through 2020 due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic we have been really lucky to partner with some of the incredible team of individuals based at Newcastle’s digital agency, Qrious. Through their expertise and talent we are all extremely excited to bring you an app to support you with your virtual challenge.


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