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Whether you are running for your school or organising your school team this section includes useful information and resources to help you take part in the Children’s Cancer Run.

We had 16 schools from the region join us in 2019 and we are hoping to have over 20 schools joining us at the 2022 run!

Once you have registered your school we will send you a box of promotional materials to help you get all of your school community involved in the event. Parents will be able to register their children and other family members to run as part of your school team through the online registration system on this website.

Register your school today!

It's easy to get involved ... here's how.

1. Register your school, online

It takes 5 minutes to fill in our form and click submit. Your school is then registered.

2. Promote the run to your school community

We have a selection of free online resources to help ease the admin burden - as well as a 'Get Set' box that we will send out early next year.

3. Families sign up

Once your school is registered, participants will be able register via our website - they just select your school name from the drop down list. Your school will be allocated a single start time so your community can run together

4. Distribute your children's run t-shirts

We will send run packs directly to the home address of anyone who runs as part of your school team, this will include their run numbers, children's t-shirts and final details about the event.

5. Join us on run day!

We have a dedicated school meeting area, with A-Z banners, for you to meet your school team or invite families to congregate before running.

Our Event Village near the start and finish lines will have a school reunion area in case you'd like to meet your team after the run. There will be some family friendly activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

6. Celebrate your achievement!

We will send you a certificate of achievement, showing how much your school community has raised to make life better for children with cancer.

School resources

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